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After much deliberation, I've finally decided on, and found a place to ramble on about makeup without disrupting all my other ramblings.

preamble: I'm NC30, with combination skin that's just settling down to the grime and humidity of the thicker New York air. With no other makeup background than simply liking it, and the hundreds (read: thousands) of dollars poured into this hobby, flimsily justified by crying out "but I need it for my acting!".

Bright colours make me unashamedly happy. For my Beauty Quick Tips, go HERE.




My Unii take-to-school Sculpt + Blush palette

I apologise in advance for the rambling that occurred, but I am also too lazy to do a whole video because I have a feeling it may be all just downhill from here. Also, my makeup has not been freshened up since this morning at 10:30, that was 11 hours ago, so all things considering, they've held up pretty well, and excuse the shiny nose. Also, I seem to get distracted very easily - even in the middle of talking, TO MYSELF. Moral here is, if I seem to be distracted when you're speaking to me, don't get too offended.

Unii and a lot of other crap from Alice on Vimeo.


Stuff I talked about:

Unii palette

mac Sculpt Powder in Sculpt - refill pans only at pro stores

Nars blush in Amour

mac eyeshadows (from MAC TRIP palettes a few years ago): vanilla, retrospeck, all that glitters, trax, mulch, golden olive, humid, contrast

Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Liner

Zoya Flash Collection

Zoya Remove+

Urban Decay Naked Palette - sold out everywhere.

Cyber Acoustics leather iPad case - $39.99. They didn't have a red case available when I made my order. Grrrrrrrrrr. Anyone want to buy my black one off me for $20?

And here's how I depotted my makeup - with my 1.5 inch curline iron (instead of a straightener). And THAT would be why I had the accident with the Margin blush. But I got better at it and proved that it can be done, so you know, proceed with caution, or use a straightner.


What's In My Bag - Back to School edition

Massive post. Image heavy. I don't apologise.

I go back to school tomorrow, and instead of working on my monologue, as I should, this is what I do. Click on the image to see detailed notes of what everything is. All these images would link to the flickr page for them. Click on the magnifying glass to see them in different sizes.

Since this is my "make-up" blog, let's zoom in on the beauty related items. The Bobbi Brown blotting paper comes in a faux leather case with a pretty big mirror. This is the mirror I pair with my cork. And yes that's a cork on a string. A teacher mentioned it once and I'm the only dork in my class to actually put one on a string, but I am also the only dork who doesn't have to go around the room fetching corks that's been rolling on the dirty floor and put it back in my mouth.

I have aerosol deodorant that I bought in Australia. I don't hate the environment, I just hate roll-ons, especially after sweating. The Tea Tree toothpicks are just nice to chew on. Freshens your breath, and good for after lunch. The cute moxie tins are for very uncute feminine hygiene items. The tall round one is for tamps, the flat one for liners.

I carry a little atomiser of my perfume with me. I was at a party last night and when I hugged people I haven't seen in a while they all said something along the lines of "Oh you smell like you." I've been wearing the same scent since I was 18. Giogio Armani Sensi. Buy it for me for Christmas.

Lucas' Paw Paw ointment is god's version of vaseline. It's petroleum based, but with the added goodness of papaya. My lips, elbows and everything balm. That weird egg looking thing is an eos lip balm. It's pretty cute, and it works pretty good, and it stays the fuck on.

Hand sanitiser is a no brainer. We touch a lot, in school; each other, the floor, ourselves. Good to keep it sanitary. Although if one person gets sick you pretty much get about a thousand sniffling fools walking around anyway. And my moo cards. I like them, I carry them, I use them as bookmarks.

And let's take a closer look inside that makeup case. It's actually a paperchase pouch, I'm not sure what it's for since obviously it's not long enough to fit pens. Had it for years, wouldn't know where to get it now.

So I'm not an doofus, I don't touch up my makeup in school. Everything in here is pretty utilitarian. Black and white eyeliners, for quick and dirty transformations. They're Urban Decay 24/7 pencils, of course. The black one has one of those sephora sharpener caps on it because precision is pretty important. I filled a tiny 5 gram jar up of a Laura Mercier lip stain, again for a quick transformation if I need it for a scene or whatever. It's a pretty vampy colour, but not too drastic. There's a retractable lip brush for applying that. I have a Josie Moran cream blush in there which is really pretty and infused with argan oil, I normally use my fingers but there's a small blusher brush there too. Blusher is the first thing to sweat off for me so if I feel like ass during the day, a little blusher tends to help. My Everyday Minerals foundation in a tiny sample sized jar, with a baby kabuki, and the mac Mineralized Skin Finish Natural in Medium in case my face looks like ass. There's an eyeshadow brush there, because I used to carry a little mac quad with me, but now I'm still in the process of finding appropriate shadows to take to school with me, usually in the mornings I think about every class I have that day and wear whatever appropriate eye look for whatever I have going on and I don't need to touch my eyes again. Spare set of contacts and eyedrops. There's a mirror that I bought at the NGV because it's pretty, and I have a little of the Aesop hand cream in a jar. It smells divine and it just makes me feel good. I can never remember to apply hand cream but this is really only there for aeromatherapy purposes. In the zipped compartment I keep hair ties, bobby pins, cotton buds, and a pair of tweezers because you never know.

I am also a bit of a pen geek, witness:

Going down the page left, then right.

Bic Velocity retractable pencil in 0.9mm lead because I like broad pencil lines.

Uniball signo 207 RT in purple. The signo 207 has got to be my favourite gel pen of all time. People keep stealing them from me, most of the time boys. Now I write in purple because it adds variety to my page, and boys won't steal them. I have a box of these.

Uniball Jetstream RT 1.0 in black. It behaves like a ballpoint, which is what I like about it. It means I can write really fast on any surface. It is also the smoothest writing experience you'll have. I also have a box of these. If you ask nicely I might give you one.

Lamy Safari fountain pen in extra fine nib with Noodlers Blue-Black bulletproof ink. My writing instrument du jour. It has a slight bleeding problem through the moleskine, but only it's managable, and with mininal feathering. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep it in this case yet.

muji scissors. because you need scissors sometimes.

Korres cherry lip gloss in fushia. I've been looking everywhere for this, apparently I popped it in here.

Sakura Pigma Micron 005 in orange and purple. 0.2mm fine line. Archival ink grade fine liners. I used to use them in uni for underlining and margin notes, now I use them in plays.

Sharpie. Double ended for broad and fine liner strokes. These are their cd/dvd markers. You never know when you need a permanent marker, ya know?

Post-it Flag high lighter. I'm addicted to these. I have a timeline of these in every iteration that post-it produced. I like flags.

Morning Glory brand steel cutter. What asian girl doesn't carry a pen knife with them everywhere?

Another cutsy Korean steel ruler. Rulers really all need to be made of steel. Even then I can't always be sure that my knife is cutting a perfectly straight line.

My phone is shit. I'm going to hold out til Jan to see if Verizon makes a special announcement involving an iPhone, otherwise I'm skipping ship. My day planner 'skine has better quality paper than my journal 'skine. go figure. I have two bobby pins on it because that's what I had on hand to hold them, and I always seem to need two bobby pins. ipod and headphones are self explanatory.

My snack pack. I never have time for breakfast, no matter how early I wake up, I seem to just sweep up all that excess and lump it onto time I get to dick around on my makeup stool. So I have a huge bag of dried cranberries, and a huge bag of roasted almonds, and I snack on that.

I freakin love my wallet. It's by Review, as in the clothing brand in Australia. I don't think they make wallets anymore actually. I took photos of it ages ago when I did my previous What's In My Bag, before I changed my bed sprea. It has so many compartments. that front section is where I keep the magnetized key to my back door and my metro card. Click here for photos and details of what's inside

My bookbag is a uniqlo faux leather one. It does look very nice all slouchy and empty like that but it's actually pretty hot, in a minimalist, utilitarial kinda way. and whoa compartments galore. I'm using a limited edition Woodstock ("Music"...as opposed to what?) moleskine ruled journal this semester. Not happy with the paper quality, but it's only noticable with the fountain pen so I'm not going to bitch about it. I'm doing a mono from Picasso at the Lupin Agile, so that's why that's there. The pencil case was one of the 21 part gift my best friends back home gave me for my 21st. It's adorable, tiny, and roomy. Oh and that's one of those Camelbak water bottles you've seen at wholefoods with the bite down straw. It's pretty good. Keep hydrated kids.

I took this photo a while ago too, just to show you some of the compartments that this bag has. it's insane. counting the three pen hoisters as one, there's 6 pockets inside this thing, and two on the outside, one was complete hidden, I didn't know it existed til a good 6 months into using it. Ok now it's well and truly time to get back to work, or sleep.

Before I go, here's a simple neutral eye I did using the Naked Palette for a back to school look. With flash:

No flash, in my super moody lighting apartment. Do my eyes look tired and bloodshot? Yeah I'm pretty tired.


Squeeze Me

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (Professional Size) - $29 at Sephora

So this really isn't news, it's actually been going on for almost a week now, but I've kind of been too busy to get on this. This does not mean I am any less excited.

I switched from my UDPP to the Too Faced Shadow Insurance about a month ago, simply because of how much I hated the original UDPP packaging. Sure they both work just as well as the other, but the fact is, Shadow Insurance really does seperate, it's not even seperation, it's the preservative oils in the product that gets squeezed out before you get any of the product. (The way to combat this is to store the tube with the tip up, by the by.) Now I need to wait til I finish this tube before I can buy the new squeezy version of UDPP.

Actual product wise, I do prefer the UDPP, it's a slightly drier formula than TFSI, but this is just a preference. My shadows looks just as vibrant on both bases, and I've never had creasing on either.

This is a giant tube as well, 0.85 oz compared to the original 0.34 oz. They're calling it the "professional size" for makeup-artists who needs to use a lot of it and in an easy access tube. I guess they're too stubborn to just come right out and say "Hey guys, we realised that our packaging is retarded. Our bad."

It's not just their genie bottle tubes, by the way. Their "travel size" deluxe samples that they throw into every palette are just as bad. Witness:

I still need to depot my genie bottle, as well as the two travel sizes that I have, as well as finish my TFSI. But chances are I will probably hold out til about Christmas before I cave and buy this.

UPDATE: Just depotted, and filled up two 5 gram jars to the brim. There was a bit more left in the tube but I just didn't have any containers to put it in. That's a lot of eyeshadow base to get through. Base that I was about to throw out. Dammit I'm never going to get to buy the professional size!



I don't really take face of the day photos, but I did today and thought might as well slap them on here.

I got a sugarpill shipment today. That's what that is.

Eyelid: Too Faced Shadow Insurance as base. Then fanning out from the inner crease is all Sugarpill; Buttercupcake (yellow), Flamepoint (orange), Love + (red). Bottom liner, Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Deviant as base. Then fanning out from inner corner is all from the Urban Decay Deluxe Palatte; Graffiti (green), Peace (blue), Ransom (indigo/purple). Urban Decay Perversion Liquid Liner (black)

Lashes are an el cheapo pair in a 6 pairs in a box multipack Korean brand I got at Sasa when I was in Shanghai.

Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette

Nars blush in Amore

Givenchy Lip Gloss in 04 (my natural lip colour but better)

I'm actually really loving my nails right now too. So simple to do but clean splash of colour. Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat, Essie Greenport on tips, Sache Vite Top Coat.


What's In My Bag - Minimalist Summer Edition

Not entirely makeup related, but anyone who's interested in my use of makeup would probably be the kind of freaks that enjoy these geeky, nosy kinds of things. I know I'm always interested to know what's in everyone's bags, and more importantly, what makeup they pack. Unfortunately I realised that in this sweltering heat, there's no use taking any makeup with me because doing touch-ups on my oil slicked face is to disgusting a thought to contemplate. My amazing summer face routine holds up surprisingly well in this heat and I've stopped wearing as much colour for fear of the sweat-off. All I carry with me now is one(!!!) stick of lip conditioner and one atomiser of my perfume.

It's been a while since I've done one of these, something like 4 years. I've learned to discard a lot of excess junk in these last 4 years. (remember the whole 4 notebooks, 6 lip products madness?) For this Summer, I have shed even more extra weight, I can safely say I use every single thing that I pack when I go out now.

Click the image for detailed notes. Once school starts I'll post a back to school edition. And once I start carrying my wallet and the kitchen sink again I will update accordingly. I'll probably be carrying more makeup with me on those occasions too, which would make these more relevant.