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MAC Pro Longwear SPF 10 foundation

$29.50 at MAC Cosmetics


Preamble: I've haven't really worn liquid foundation (or even a tinted moisturiser) for a good number of years now, so this was as much of a stress test for my skin as it was for wear. I wanted something with a little fuller coverage than my everyday minerals or MSFN, while at the same time being long wearing and sweat/lights proof. After reading a bunch of reviews and weighing up the cost/rating of each of the contenders, I settled on this.

I was tipping on the side of NC25 for most of the year, but after 5 weeks back home in Australia (during their summer months), I gained a tiny bit of colour and the NC30 seemed to blend a little better into my skin. It reads a tiny bit yellow on me under some lights, but not noticeably so.

Initial application: I used the 187 (duo fiber stippling brush) and I liked the coverage I got with it. The finish was not exactly matte but it was quite dry, I could tell it wouldn't budge any time soon, I almost didn't need a setting powder. For this to be a real road test though, I needed to do a realistic routine, i.e. no time for primer, but conceal + powder. In terms of the finish, it wasn't as nice and natural looking as my mineral powders, which was to be expected, nor was it as nice as the MAC Studio Sculpt. But the studio sculpt slides off my face after about 3 hours regardless of primer or powder or finishing spray so it's really no good to me. I decided against a finishing spray today because I wanted to see how it would fare on its own. I used Laura Mercier loose translucent powder. My skin hasn't experience a setting powder in a long while so it's looking just a little powdery, this disappeared after a few minutes. I'm not sure if this would show up flaky in dry patches, I had a pretty decent scrub this morning in the shower with my Aesop exfoliating paste so I didn't have any such offending patches to test.

3 hours in: Most foundations look better on me a few hours into its wear, something about my skin's natural oils coming out to play I guess. My makeup still looks flawless right now, which is a good sign. It was freezing outside so I was touching my face quite a bit, not exactly rubbing it but gently putting my palms to my cheeks to warm them up a little, I don't feel any oil or grease, and the makeup is staying put. I gently brushed my face with the black t-shirt I'm wearing and there's the barest trace of transfer, leagues better that a lot of other foundations I have tried. All good signs.

check back later for my end of the day update.


8 Hours: This jet lag is kicking my butt, so I'm going to head to bed. Makeup still looks pretty damn good. If you look really closely you can see a little bit of wear but at a normal distance (that's socially acceptable) it looks just as good as freshly applied. Still no shine. I haven't had any sweat either so I can't promise you this no shine nirvana. I'll say one thing though, because it's a liquid foundation, it provides a bit of a tacky base for my blush and so my blush has held on far better than my mineral powders.

Final verdict: I'm a fan. For my day to day I would probably stick to my Everyday Minerals, because it has beautiful coverage and it's a natural finish while taking about 1/8th of the application time. But on days where I can't touch up and need something full coverage that would last, I would probably pull this out. All in all, HAPPY CAMPER!

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