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Bathtime Fun

"Y'all niggaz that be fuckin with that bird bath shit thinkin y'all clean, like you just gonna go in the bathroom & wash your nuts your face

Thats not cleaning yourself. I don't give a fuck how much soap you put on your little bird ass chest nigga. It ain't working my nigga.

Nah mean, get your ass in the shower son. Get between your toes nigga. Wipe your ass nigga.

And when you get in the shower for niggas that don't know how to take showers, wash your fuckin face first man. THEN wash your nuts.

Don't wash your nuts and then wash your face. You feel me! You goin' backwards. A lot of y'all niggas ain't know that shit! Nah mean.

And scrub hard! Scrub your balls hard nigga, scrub your little dirt off your ankles that when you was a lil kid u couldn't get em off & shit

Shit kept sticking there even tho how hard you tried haha. For y'all niggas that got that shit, y'all niggas ain't clean man. Word up man!

And have a bitch getcha back. Cuz your back is dirty son! The back of your ass and the back of your back. Scrub that shit nigga.

Clean your ass with the best soap. The best soap from the heavens above nigga. That's Dove!"

- Health and Hygiene advice from Ghostface Killah


It's getting to that time again, when I start taking bubble baths with my laptop on a chair so I can watch a movie while I soak. It helps that there's a Lush store 2 minutes away from me. Here are my favourite bath supplies:

(links + prices US centric, if you're in Australia ask me for stockists, or you know, ebay that shit)

Kiehl's - Creme de Corps Soy Milk & Honey Body Polish

this smells yummy, isn't too abrasive, and doesn't dry out your skin either. Just a really nice body scrub to slough away the winter skin.

$28 - Kiehl's

Bliss Lemon + Sage Soapy Suds

I like my shower gels that smell fresh and not too sweet, this doubles as bubble bath (seriously though, all shower gels can double as bubble bath, it just depends on the sud expansion volume, it's a special branch of bathtime physics, don't worry about it). The body butter version of this is pretty special, if you're feeling splurgy you should probably get on that.

$18 for one, or $32 for a double pack - Bliss

Lush Bubble Bars, Bath Bombs, and Bath Melts

Here are the combination of products I like to use for a bath:

The traditional Butterball bath bomb goes well with anything, I like to pair it with either an Amandopondo bubble bar or a Floating Island bath melt. Those three would have to be my favourite things in a bathtub, apart from, you know, a person. They have new items all the time though, so go have a smell.


It's winter time so time for some heavy duty slathering of lotions and potions and butters to make snuggling that much cozier. I like body lotions in general as a category, and really, most products on the market do a bang up job, it really just depends on scents and personal preference. I'm just going to list all the ones that I like becuase, let's not beat around the bush here, I'm a dictator. The cheap stuff first, then the more high end indulgences.

Vaseline Sheer Infusion with Stratys-3

These came out last year but I don't think they sold very well so I haven't been finding them anywhere. If you do find them, try a tube, and let me know so I can go stock up. The scents are really fresh and doesn't punch you in the face, but the best part is that these are so completely non-greasy, but they so completely moisturise. I like to have this on hand during the day and not so much for late night heavy duty lotioning.

Aveeno - Daily Moisturizing

Well this is an old faithful. Hypoallergenic, unscented, trusty good day lotion.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter

I know this doesn't need too much intro. Pretty much any girl who has ever picked up a fashion magazing has probably used this at some stage. Smells like cocoa, feels good on the skin. Can be a tiny bit greasy until it is fully absorbed, and because of the strong scent I like to use this just before bed.

Kiehl's Superbly Restorative Argan Body Lotion

They had limited editions of these for charity last year that were ridiculously expensive, as it is normally, it's pretty expensive. But Argan oil really is the shit, and it makes your smooth and happy.

6.8 fl. oz. for $35; 16 fl. oz. for $55 - Kiehls

Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter

Slightly more expensive than the shower gel, this feels a lot like the vaseline, but with at beautiful citrus scent that I'm in love with.

6.7 fl. oz. for $28 - Bliss

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

Speaking of sparkling citrus scents, the smell of this just makes me feel good. I have a small jar of this in my makeup clutch that I take everywhere and in a pinch, I would slather this on my legs or elbows or anywhere else that needs it. It is hands down my favourite hand lotion.

75ml for $23 - Barneys

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