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MIFF 08 Adventures

It's only a week away, and sadly, as I was stupid enough to not sign up for volunteering work this year, I had to buy a Minipass with my hard earned dollar. I just wanted to keep ya'll updated on what I'm seeing, where I'm going to be etc etc

* - denotes a session already booked on my minipass (I get 10 of these)
# - denotes a session on my minipass that's before 4pm (you get 3 freebies of these)

everything else denotes stuff I still need to confirm/would like to see/might need to buy single tickets for/maybe forkout for a second minipass... god willing

*Dainipponjin - 26/07 @ 11:15 (GU5)
California Dreamin' - 27/07 @ 9:15 (Capitol)
Jesus Christ Saviour - 30/07 @ 9:40 ( GU5)
Ben X - 1/08 @ 5:15 (GU4)
*Three Monkeys - 2/08 @ 5:00 (Capitol)
*Waltz With Bashir - 2/08 @ 7:15 (Forum)
Sukiyaki Western Django - 2/08 @ 11:30 (GU6)
*Seven Days Sunday - 4/08 @ 7:15 (GU5)
*My Winnipeg - 8/08 @ 7:00 (GU4)
*Best MIFF Shorts - 8/08 @ 9:00 (Capitol)
#The Wackness - 9/08 @ 3:00 (Forum)
A Complete History of my Sexual Failures - 9/08 @ 7:15 (Forum)
The Death of Mister Lazarescu - 9/08 @ 9:15 (GU5)
#Ahes of Time Redux - 10/08 @ 1:00 (GU6)

Coopers Lounge:
*In Conversation with George A Romero

These are the "See How I Feels". a lot of these are convenient times at convenient locations:

Rock N Roll Nerd - 30/07 @ 9:30 (ACMI)
Jar City - 1/08 @ 7:15 (GU5)
Experimental Shorts - 5/08 @ 7:00 (ACMI)
Cargo 200 - 9/08 @ 5:30 (Forum)
Rumba - 10/08 @ 3:15 (GU5)

passes progress : 7 passes/2 day passes...eek
If there's something you implore me to see, please let me know!!!


Pork and Beans


How awesome is this video? I guess that is directly variable according to how geeky you are. On top of it being an absolutely rocking song harking back to the Buddy Holly glory days, the video is also an archive of the last couple of years of internet history. To my own amazement, there was actually a few that I've missed. (sneezing panda?) proving that I'm not as big of a geek as everyone thinks, even if I recognised 19 of the references and then proceeded to youtube the remaining 4. (Patrick Wilson is on twitter! Follow him and watch the process of releasing an album!)

I am the win. that is all.


Simulated Flight

I remember sleeping through a 4.2 quake when I was six. I woke up briefly from dreaming of being in a cradle when my father scooped me up and carried me out of the house, he told me not to worry, so I fell back asleep more soundly in his arms. I guess that with the foreign perspective and the news reports with staggering death tolls it's hard to watch youtube clips of students laughing as their possessions fall about them, telling his roommate not to worry because they're on the 6th floor and proudly video documenting the quake. But I remember living through what would seem like horrible disasters from the outset, and not really caring or understanding how bad it really was until the next day when you see it on the news.

Back in year 7, I remember my host mother once tried to go out on the balcony to hang some washing when a typhoon was sweeping across the little town of Nagoya. She quickly came back in, dusted herself off and said "it's quite windy today". The next day we took a walk around the town and trees were uprooted, billboards crashes houses and cars were piled up alongside the quiet streets.

Right now my cat's sleeping in a really cute position, clutching my foot and making odd noises, so I'm going to concern myself with my immediate world.


Many a nights were passed the last week with me looking up skateboarding videos. The hypnotic fluid lines and the bulge of the fish eye lenses sending me into the usual late night restlessness, and eventually sleep.

It began like this. My Name Is Earl is nearing the end of it's third season, and I've always held much love for Jason Lee, despite his mustachio'd mistakes like Underdog or Alvin and the Chipmunks. While I was waiting for an episode to download early last week (an episode guest starring a specially delicious looking alyssa milano), I got antsy and started wikipedia-ing Jason, his pre-Earl days, his Kevin Smith days when I thought he was rather scrummy. The pedia told me he used to be an eminent street skateboarder, and imdb trivia confirmed this. He was mentioned in the Tony Hawke autobiography three (3) times! I was on fire, I needed youtube proof, I HAD to see Jason Lee looking like one of those kids on a Gus Van Sant film. I found the proof, and it was beautiful.

One clip led to another, and soon I was looking up more videos, more tricks, and one name kept popping up, Jerry Hsu. An Asian?

It was mesmerizing, as I laid there in bed a few thoughts came to my head, a few vaguely academic thoughts, things that read like essay topics and subtitles. Unwilling to expand on any of them, here's what's left, verbatim:

simulated flight and the street skateboarder:
maintaining velocity and fluidity over constructed obstacles, freedom leaps across youth culture.

reclaimed surf culture, almost always simulated through video culture and therefore more immediate, readily acceptable into the youth mind frame.

lighting and fisheye camera, out of necessity carving out a niche look and feel

the urban cool of the unpretentious (postures and gestures)

muted rebellion, socially alienated and yet 'safe' subcultures.

Hell if I wasn't going to write essays that I was going to be marked on, there was no way I was going to blog one. Jerry Hsu as it turns out also take pretty darn good photos, for Vice magazine. These are worthy people.


cute things and links

so two days ago i bought six baggus. because... well... i've learned to restrain actual money spending and needed an outlet for cheap online buys that make me feel better. so eco friendly has became the name of the game, as well as free samples of mineral makeup where you only have to pay the $5US shipping.

when these items ship i'll be sure to let you know how they'll undoubtedly change my life.

says the mental who's watching a clearly manipulative chinese propagandist piece of tv at 4:40a.m. you know, take away the annoying canto mandarin accent, the obligatory 10 minute bursts of spiel on chinese/honkers politics and the fact that it's 4:40a.m. it's a really gripping show.

it's 4:40am because it took a while for me to figure out how to add the darfur wall banner onto this blog. the code they included on the site doesn't seem to want to cooperate with me and i had to kind of figure out flash embedding html, albeit very very basic code, and my brain's a mush. all this distracts from the actual aim of the banner. the point is, donate a dollar or two, add my advocate id because i'd like to see my name with a little light next to it, and help light up the wall, one number at a time.

lastly, (for it's not 4:52)


Hating Kylie Kwong

This is like a sport with me. I would be hungry, and turn on lifestyle channel and run into a kylie kwong marathon, and 5 minutes later be full on hate. I really don't have a problem with her actual recipes per se, it's the fact that she thinks it's Chinese cooking. If she would just own up to the fact that, being 5th generation Australian, there is actually very little Chinese left in her apart from the way she looks. Her training has been largely accredited to Niel Perry, who is well respected for being the grandaddy of fusion cooking in Australia. Fusion, not actually Asian, and especially not attributed to any particular country, let alone region. Now in comes kylie, using her Chinese looks and a part and partial knowledge of asian cooking ingredients that are widely available, in Safeway no less, (namely sesame oil, peanut oil and yellow wine which she calls chinese cooking wine, there's about 20 different varieties of chinese cooking wine but what gives right? she only can see the one that gets sold here.) and automatically gets three tv series deals, lifestyle food marathons and books that offensively overtake my Borders.

She doesn't seem to understand that Chinese food as we know it in Australia is largely Cantonese cooking, and she lumps everything together and calls it Chinese. Her palette is quite tame, just because she likes chicken feet, which frankly most of my white friends love, she thinks herself quite daring.

here are some instances:

*She was making san choi bao and she made up some crap about Chinese vegetarianism. which was utter crap, because unless you have the shaved head of a monk, vegetarianism is looked upon with utmost horror, and you'd starve in most places you go. Then as she was preparing the the bok choy she said "choy means green in Chinese, and it's spelled c-h-o-y". there are about 3 things wrong with that. First choy is in Cantonese, it means vegetables, it has no spelling but it's transliterated and not in English, where it is in turns spelled with either a "y" or an "i", and is in fact the same choy as san "choi" bao. Oh and it really doesn't belong IN a san choi bao.

*She then goes on about how there's two types of noodles, egg and rice. she couldn't be more wrong. There are some pretty rocking flour noodles in Chinese cooking. I am 350% sure she has never tasted a proper bowl of Eastern Chinese noodle soup. I've been looking forever in Melbourne for a decent bowl and it just doesn't exist. Even Shanghai (the hodge podge mecca of everything that it is) doesn't do it justice. You really have to venture out to Chang Shu, and more specifically to a place that used to exist down the street from where I grew up, for the most amazing mouth orgasm of your life. Every winter I dream of having some hot lamb noodle soup, and it is my absolute favourite thing. It was something I used to share with my grandfather, a love for noodles. I'm always going to miss that.

*Hypocrisy upon hypocrisy, she landed in Shanghai (a land of her past, a place she's never been to but feels like she "knows") and refused to try the stinky tofu. Failing to recognise the stinky tofu for what it is, actually discredits her as a foodie let alone chef.

*and now she's going on about making a Chinese iceberg lettuce salad. Honey please, there is no iceberg lettuce in China, they don't even know what it is. It gets imported to Hong Kong where they use it primarily for san choi baos and that's it. That's as far as the lettuce is used in all of "chinese cooking"

*"Everywhere I go I see familiar tastes and smells" as the camera lingers on a shot of takoyaki. yup. Japanese octopus balls. She didn't even know what they were.

*shen jian bao, pan fried Shanghai mini pork buns. I especially love how whenever she comes across any cooking or food preparation she likes to explain what it is to the camera without asking anyone about it and make comments like "the quality of a pork bun, is shown in how many pleats it has". Absolute bollocks. It merely shows the delicacy of the wrap. Oh and then she made deepfried wontons, which was created by American takeaway Chinese menus as a giveaway item.

my laptop is about to give out so I'll stop it there, and I'll turn the t.v. off. But SHUT UP KYLIE, YOU'RE NOT CHINESE. STOP PRETENDING!

All asians are by nature foodies, and anyone with any knowledge knows how much of a hack she is, she is catered to those suburban housewives wanting to add a little ethnic to her weekly rotation, and it just kinda sorta makes me sick.

UPDATE: Feburary 5th 2011, Alice breaks her silence

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