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Water For Elephants


It's been a while since I saw this so I don't have that much to say about it anymore. It's that kind of entertaining.

Lush, beautiful sets, costumes, people in the costumes, animals. I love stories involving circuses during the dustbowl era. Did you guys ever watch Carnivale? You should, and this totally reminded me that I need to watch that again.

As predicted, Christof Waltz stole the whole shebang. He was well and truly fantastic in every aspect, in every scene; terrifying and pitiful in equal measures. Reese kept up decently, she was charming and delightful and her chin wasn't too much of a distraction, which is always amazing. Rob Pattinson held his own well enough. He was a bit impassive and monotoned, but it kind of worked for the character (barely). I feel like he has good instincts, but is just not going for them yet, or doesn't know how to let it out somehow. I'll tell you one thing though, during a pretty pivotal scene involving Rob and Reese, the fact that neither of them have been formally trained became glaringly apparent. They were like two bobbleheads, shaking their head at every single word. But maybe it's one of those things that only annoys other actors, I'm not sure other people even noticed.

It all came to a happy, but bittersweet present day ending. Kind of striking at that Notebook chord but missing a few notes because, well the book didn't have that much drama in the present day I guess.

Oh, oh the elephant, how could I forget the elephant. That elephant was amazing. If that was a real act, I'd pay the couple pennies it cost to see that.

If you want some lush epic romance, and is the kind of person who would sometimes want to watch a fluffy lush epic romances, this is probably exactly the kind of thing you're looking for.

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