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True Grit


Let it be known, that this was the movie that got be back on the Coen Brothers in a big way. After No Country (which I also loved) and A Serious Man (which I didn't), I was all worried that the brothers were starting to take things too seriously. Sure, Burn After Reading happened as well, but that was kind of not very good, so I'm going to pretend that didn't happen.

I haven't seen the original, so I'm just going to judge this as its own entity. Hailee Steinfeld really was somethin' fierce in this. She is literally in every scene, and she held it together intelligently. It would be so easy for her character to grind on the nerves of the audience, but she, I liked. She's got spunk, which is the whole point, but I love her for it. Jeff Bridges was strong and great in all his exulting Jeff Bridgyness. Matt Damon, was, hilarious. I love it when he's doing dim witted characters.

It had a great sense of humour, not as silly as your Coen Bros of yore, but it was a good balance of laughs with the touching. This was very touching, I was invested in the characters almost immediately upon meeting them. That long, sentimental horseride scene under the stars I could've done without, but these are small gripes. The ending is kind of abrupt, but I kind of like it that way. If you think about it, what happened after really isn't important as what actually happened that makes you care about how they ended up. It's like the end of the Harry Potter books. I mean, she had to, but reading about Harry and Ginny with a family almost ruins the entire series, right? Right?

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