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The King's Speech


Aaaaaah, the Oscar Winner. I saw this the night before the ceremonies, on my own, and after I came home from it, I listened to the creative screenwriting podcast episode on it with the writer. I'm going to try to give my opinions of the film separate from my sentimental inclinations in rooting for this.

The screenplay is unfaultable. It's a classic double hander, and feels exactly like what it is, an American writer writing a perfect BBC film. All the excellent things about it (that won it awards), the writing, the direction, the acting, they all took a step back for the story, and that is where it succeeds, but also, makes it slightly less remarkable for me.

Is it just me? Haven't we SEEN this kind of BBC film before? Far less polished, but more or less, just this? Maybe I'm just a tired old grumpy pants (It is 5:35am right now, I should probably go to bed). But I distinctly feel like I've seen so many really good british films that are pretty much just like this.

Despite that though, it is very very well done. Like I said, you can't really fault it in any aspect. My love affair with Geoffery Rush is boundless. (He once asked me for meat pies, I brought him pies, and he said to me "I love you forever". Damn straight). Even when I saw him in the preview session of Exit The King at Malthouse when lines were being dropped, I adored him. Pit all of that love for what he does with this performance, and it becomse slightly less than what its touted to be. He played a well written character, with a lot of character. Colin Firth on the other hand did achieve a career high. I was so happy when he thanked Tom Ford during his acceptance speech, because that was exactly when I stopped to take notice of him, finally. His understated, ebbing emotions in A Single Man was really beautiful. Please know that before that film, I had outwardly expressed my distaste in the guy. Coming from Australia, a land which rivals England for it's obsession with Pride and Preje, and the BBC mini-series of that crap, and Mr. Darcy, and THAT FOUNTAIN SCENE with Mr. Darcy, it was very easy for me to hate him. I didn't think he was a very good actor. He was weak in the portrayal of men who were outwardly masculine (in that britishy gentlemen way). But now, he's in full stride.

Helena Bonham Carter can do no wrong in my eyes. The more insane her outfits, the more I love her. Everything she says is utterly charming. She didn't have much of a part in this, and even so, she made her memorable.

I highly recommend the podcast that I mentioned earlier, the whole series itself (which has now ended, but Jeff Goldsmith has moved on and will be starting another podcast soon) and this episode in particular.

Now it's almost 6am, and I need to get my ass to bed. I will finish the last review tomorrow.

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