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The Illusioniste


Not to be confused with the Ed Norton/Jessica Biel fodder. This film accomplishes the near impossible of capturing the humour and pathos of a Jacques Tati film with the lush animated visuals that's more like a Miyazaki. (while searching of images for this post, from the thumbnails, some of the backdrop pictures I came across I actually thought were from Laputa: Castle in the Sky)

This FEELS like a Tati film. The character of the illusionist could definitely be Mr. Houlot as a magician. It's warm, ironic, bittersweet. Not enough outpouring of love I could possibly heap upon this film would reciprocate what it poured into me. The director, Sylvain Chomet also gave us The Triplets of Belleville, which comes from the same spot in the heart, with its similar sepia toned nostalgia.

It understands history, and it understands humanity. And for Tati fans, it's especially special.

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