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The Company Men


My GOD this was depressing. It's about corporate unemployment, did you know that? I sure didn't walking into this.

The ending was cheesy and cheapens the rest of the film. Each of the men affected in this movie was clearly a representative character more than something more substancial. Sure, the actors are all very good and inject as much dimension to these people as they can but that only makes it more depressing. Chris Cooper, who is always excellent, plays a similar character to what he has done frequently (and ends up a familiar way too). Tommy Lee Jones kind of plays the tired old guy that he's prone to do lately, its reminiscent of his No Country performance actually, which is a good thing. Ben Affleck is good in parts like this; the earnest everyman, proud and fighting for something. He's clearly not a character actor, but in these leading parts, he is very watchable and sympathetic. Maria Bello was also comfortable in a familiar strong carying woman role that she's used to. Rosemarie DeWitt who I really only know as the first fling of Don Draper in Mad Men was playing this Mary-Louise Parker type, which she could almost pass off. She's a little more sincere than the devine MLP though, with less of that kooky cold detachment, which serves her better.

So the performances were all conventional and across the board, very good. It was just so unnecessarily depressing, and it all unfolded in the exact same shitty way that you would expect it to. And it keeps getting predictably worse, until it picks up at the end. Poo.


Note: I don't mean this is not an important story to tell, especially since this is the prevailing story of America in these last couple of years. I'm still waiting for that defining film for that to happen in.

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