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No Strings Attached


I'm not even ashamed to say it, I genuinely liked this movie.

Look, I feel that every film should be judged for its purpose, and this film serves a very specific purpose. It's a rom com, and for the genre, I would argue that it's well done.

No one is arguing that the overall plot is predictable. If you've ever watched a movie in the history of cinema, you don't even need to see the trailer to know that they are going to end up together. So that's not a spoiler.

Along the way though, there's some sweet, hilarious, and unpredictable things that happen. And some lines are really quite cleaver, and kind of more risque than I thought they were allowed to be.

The two leads are sincere, and funny, and better actors in this than people give them credit for. Ashton cops way too much flack. I actually liked him in his dramatic efforts too (Butterfly Effect. It was his face and everything else it represented that made it funny, but audiences found it hard to see past that beautiful goofball face.) The bevvy of supporting cast are all very good too, in their stock character capacities.

If, like me, sometimes you just want to see a rom com. This is a pretty good one to tune out to.


- period mix. I'm totally going to make one.

- "He's so tall, when we walk together people are going to think he's kidnapping me."

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