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Choritzo and the Kitchen Sink Pasta

I've made some pretty decent stuff in recent weeks, but nothing that warrants a blog post. There's enough Beef Stew recipes out there for you to tide yourself over. As far as the GOD SAUCE is concerned, well, there is enough online documentation for me to not have to bother with sharing it with you either.

Cooking is pretty easy, just put flavours that you imagine would work well together in a pan/pot/dish and try it out. And no one ever said you have to follow the recipe, because that's just someone else trying shit out.

So on that note, lemme share with you this little thing I improvised with what I had in my fridge

2 links of Fresh Chorizos (I've tried it with the pre-cooked stuff, it ain't the same)

Grape Tomatoes - Half a punnet, about 15

Baby Spinach - Hefty handful

Half of an onion

Sun dried tomatoes - 2 chunks

Olive Oil

Fusili Pasta

So boil some water and get the pasta going (with a pinch of salt, that whole shebang), this whole thing won't take very long at all. Dice the onions, caramelise them in a pan. By caramelise, I mean until they're caramel in colour and about to disintegrate. Cut your chorizos up into bite sized pieces, I like to do alternating diagonals so they end up being little triangles, I don't know, it just makes it easier to cut for me. Get them to brown. Dice the sun dried tomatoes and throw them in, half the grape tomatoes and throw them in after a little while as well. At the very end, when the pasta looks about ready, throw the spinach in. Drain the pasta, and pour it into the pan with everything, mix it all up while still on a heat source.

It's pretty damn good.

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