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Thursday, January 3, 2013 at 2:17AM

I think I have been here before, I recognise that tree. Circle back Qin, circle back. The X should be right behind you.


2012 gave me moments of bliss, and patches of frustration. It was the year everything changed, but nothing moved on to make room for it.

A round up of the apexes!

Most played song of the year, BY FAR: Patrick Watson - Adventures in Your Own Back Yard

Favourite movie experience: Beasts of the Southern Wild.
Walking out of that cinema into a sunset, everything looked different.

Favourite day: 4th July. Not much else in my life could touch the cinematic perfection of that beach, on that night.

Favourite decision: All the impromptu bus trips to new places with wonderful people.

Favourite discovery: That I can love new friends wholeheartedly, swiftly and without irony.

The opening months and for much of the Spring, the sheer driving force of irrepressible optimism kept me afloat. The Summer brought with it rest, romance, and all that Californian sun. Coming back to New York and being shoved into the real world with all the cushioning and protective gear one could be swaddled in, I was still shocked by the cold air, stabbing at my lungs like a newborn's first gasping breath. Discouraged and down-trodden, I was rendered immobile both emotionally and physically for much of the Fall. Before I had time to react to the upward swing of the Winter, here we are, all a rush into another year.


2013 Arrived and I was almost ready for it. So far it has promised much rest, some snuggles, and a few friends. The proportions of which I'm a huge fan. Here's to adventures! Here's to new experiences! Here's to heartbreak and failure and every good feeling in between that gives meaning to these things!

In 2013, I will be an open wound sensitive to every sensation my brain wants to protect me from.

In 2013, I will face up to every ugly facet of myself and acknowledge them.

In 2013, I will set goals and never stop until I get there.

My head is cautious, my heart is content, my body is restless and my hands want to make things happen. Can you hear the starting pistols, rallying for action? Change is afoot, and I'll be ready for it this time.

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