LALA Reports: Day 1
Monday, June 11, 2012 at 4:21AM

You know how sometimes, you'd go through your bag and you'd realise you've left something important behind? Usually a wallet, or a phone, and it's terrible for a second, but then you'll find it somewhere deeper in the handbag you're digging through and it ends up being pretty okay? You know how when you're traveling by air and you keep thinking you're going to forget something important, like your ID or passport or your boarding pass so you check it obsessively but really, it's still there? You know how sometimes, you decide to be economical, and organised, and keep everything in this one amazing traveler's journal; your passport, your driver's license, your credit cards, your day planner AND your boarding pass; and then you leave it somewhere public, say, the curb outside the airport where you stopped to put your luggage onto one of those overpriced carts, and then you forget about it until you're waiting in line at the baggage drop?

No, you don't know, because you're not that stupid.

I don't think my heart has ever dropped quite as hard as when I did exactly that this morning.

I panicked exactly like you would. Dug through every bag I had on hand 4 times over, then ran out to that curb only to find it empty, then run back and dig through those bags some more. Well, I have good news for you my darlings. As long as you're willing to put up with a thorough frisking, then maybe you'll be allowed to board that domestic flight. If you're did this rapidly stupid series of things at an hour ungodly enough (6 a.m.), then maybe the nice girl who picked up your journal would stroll in and catch you before your mad dash down to the security check.

I still got my frisking though, it was sufficiently intimate for all involved.

For a day that began like it could've been one of the worst, LA sure knew how to turn it around. After a 5 hour nap, I woke up to the most glorious weather I've stepped into all year. Flanked by the beach and the desert, I can assure you, LA Summer feels exactly like Australian Summer. As in, the best Summer.

Our ride is giant and janky like this story requires. The struggle between the GPS, the iphone google maps and the physical roads offered just the right amount of detours. The house we pulled up at is exactly that picture perfect, location scouted studio set for all our sitcom needs. Each of the three bedrooms are about the size of a studio apartment which those vindictive agents in New York would ask your life savings for. Oh and kids, we have kitchen. We have a whole lotta kitchen. I can do cartwheels in this kitchen.

The prerequisite walk around the neighbourhood garnered the prerequisite sighs of contentment. I've had some of the best food in recent memory, all in one day! I'm not sure this story is allowed to go this well at this stage. My Davidoff's are $7 here, at a little market that's open til an all too convenient midnight, within walking distance. Not late-night-pounding-the-pavement walking distance, but the late-night-I've-got-the-jitters walking distance.

The TV works (tonight's Tony's were successfully chewed up and spat out), the internet works (hey there), It's late and I'm ready to conk out in the bedroom I chose of the three. I'm afraid I'm suffering from vertigo, kids. Before the real business starts, I'm not sure there's much more "up" to go.

Oh, that's right. Clear skies and sunny days as far as the forcast can see.

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